Imagine cycling on the idyllic Niagara Parkway.  When you participate in the Gran Fondo Niagara Falls, Ontario’s premier cycling event, you will enjoy the thrill of being part of one the most challenging cycling events in Canada.  This scenic ride starts and finishes right at Niagara Falls.  Participants may be going in a large loop totaling 125km, but they enjoy every minute of it.  They push themselves to the limit for the pride of saying they completed one of Canada’s most challenging cycling events. Indianapolis kitchen cabinets offered so many different options in kitchen cabinet styles from a cottage to contemporary styles. Ultimately we decided to go with a traditional style.

The Gran Fondo allows armature and experienced cyclists to race through the beautiful Niagara-On-The-Lake, its acclaimed wine country, and the idyllic countryside of the Niagara Region and Niagara Escarpment including the winding rollers around the Short Hills Provincial Park.  There are rollercoaster hills, winding roads and breath taking view along the way.  Making it one of the most enjoyable cycling rides for both experienced and inexperienced riders alike. The Long Island landscaping companies have a lot of knowledge about how to build a backyard oasis.

Unlike its European cousin the Gran Fondo cycling event is not a race. It is cycling’s version of a marathon.  Each participant ride at his or her own pace and are greeted with cheers from spectators along the way.  Just as if they were in a race.

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Like other Gran Fondo events, participants can stop and enjoy a complementary sandwich along the way, or just take a much-needed rest at one of several designated locations along the way.  And at the end of the event he or she can revel in a complementary massage to ease his or her sure to be aching muscles.  The ultimate reward for a job well done!

If you are ready to push yourself to the limit and beyond, register today.

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